What is Watchyourmeds?

Watchyourmeds is a library of approximately 5.000 videos in which the most important information from the official information leaflet of a medicine, is explained in easy to understand spoken language. The content of Watchyourmeds is completely based on the patient information leaflet, but it does not replace the leaflet.

You can view Watchyourmeds in your own home, e.g. together with a family member or caregiver. Watchyourmeds gives you answers to questions such as: what is the medicine used for, what can I expect and what should I pay attention to? Watchyourmeds is specified by gender, age and the indication for which the medicine is prescribed. Watchyourmeds is available in several languages and subtitled.

Access to Watchyourmeds

It may be that your care provider refers you to Watchyourmeds via a leaflet or an e-mail. But you can also purchase the Watchyourmeds mobile app so you can use Watchyourmeds at any time for any medicine.

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