For which medicines is Watchyourmeds available?

Watchyourmeds is currently available for over 95% of all newly prescribed medicines in the primary care setting of the Netherlands, and for approximately 80% of all medicines. Every month new medicines are added to the library.

How is the content of Watchyourmeds created?

The content of Watchyourmeds is completely based on the patient information leaflet. Only the most important information from the patient perspective is included. To create Watchyourmeds a fixed protocol is used that is carried out by experts, including physicians and pharmacists.

How does Watchyourmeds stay up to date?

Updates take place based on updates of the patient information leaflets and periodic review.

Is Watchyourmeds also suitable for children?

Currently Watchyourmeds is not specified for users under the age of 16. There are plans to offer specific versions for children, but these plans are not yet concrete.

How is the privacy of the user protected?

No user data is registered unless the user has given permission to do so by creating a personal account to save his Watchyourmeds videos. We do register the videos that are viewed by anonymous users in order to analyse and evaluate the use of Watchyourmeds.

Data protection of registered accounts is fully in line with the local laws and regulations.

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