About us

About us

Watchyourmeds is an initiative of Careanimations. Careanimations is managed by Dr. Rob Neeter. Rob is a physician, with international management experience and over 25 years of experience as entrepreneur in the field of Healthcare. In 1999 he founded Diagnosis4Health, that grew into the largest disease management services provider in The Netherlands before being taken over by VitalHealth Software (recently acquired by Philips). In 2008 Rob introduced The National Thrombosis Service, a telecare institute, that is currently the largest provider of selfmanagement services to patients using oral anticoagulants in the Netherlands. In 2015 Rob developed the concept for a medicine information service that evolved into Watchyourmeds.

International implementation

Watchyourmeds has been developed in The Netherlands and was introduced there as ‘Kijksluiter’ in November 2016. In the first year over 400.000 Watchyourmeds videos have been watched and in 2018 a number exceeding 1 million is anticipated. In the Netherlands Watchyourmeds is endorsed by all relevant stakeholders (Ministry of Health, Regulatory Authorities, Patient representatives, Pharmacists, Physicians). Watchyourmeds is now well established in The Netherlands and is ready for international implementation. Watchyourmeds animation videos are always based on the official patient information leaflet of each individual country in the national language and can be made available in any other spoken language of a country.

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